About Us

Developing a new way to understand human anatomy.

The industry standards today for researchers and radiologists leave much to their skills to interpret what they see on the screen.  The human eye can only detect so much before they overlook or cannot see conditions based on current tools.

Currently, the data is presented in flat grey scale "slices" yet there are many anomalies that span many slices. Many are microscopic in size, which is virtually undetectable by the human eye. 

We have set up to capture all data points contained in the slices and compile them into a mathematical spatial digital twin data model that is 100% accurate of the patient...a true digital twin. Now research can be conducted by computers that can detect the minutest value and render it for the technician to identify.

Many anomalies get missed by the human eye, that can eventually become an illness. When that happens, it may already be too late to do anything preventative.

Many of us are affected by people we know with debilitating conditions, that could have been detected earlier. The potential to save lives is vast.

We, ourselves, have been personally affected, and that is why we set out to solve this challenge.

Challenge Met

Now researchers will be able to do comparative studies and identify known values to aid in the detection of these anomalies.
Before research can commence, datasets must be compiled into this new format.

We invite you to take advantage of our solution and have us compile your libraries so we may start a new era in true understanding of human anatomy.

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