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GeminiDT is now a United Nations certified global sustainable solutions provider.

Opening our performance venture labs.
Precision Health Dynamics combines advanced biomechanics with GeminiDT volumetric digital twin technology, along with epigenetic features for performance training in golf, soccer, equine, and tennis presents several advantages and benefits for strategic funders with domain expertise.

Fall 2023
New division in precision health technologies
Performance Health Dynamics PHD - Solutions | geminidt

August 2023
The geminiDT team was invited to present to the Miami Chamber of Commerce for Economic Development
the Engine for Longevity.
See presentation here

July 2023

Meet Gemini
Step into the future of personalized healthcare with the revolutionary GeminiDT Medical Digital Twin (GMDT) technology, proudly presented by As pioneers in the field of medical innovation, we have harnessed the power of cutting-edge digital twin technology to redefine the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.

June 2023
GeminiDT team releases paper on early detection for high risk patient populations.

April 2023
Human Anatomy Project Board of advisors adds two new doctors

December 2022

Annoucment for new medical advisory board coming soon.

How does GeminiDT enable doctors to see.
Linkedin Article

November 2022

The Human Anatomy Project has initiated a commitement to build the platform as a service (PAAS) for medical studies utlizing GeminiDT's technology. Studies will be made avaiable to humanity through this plaform. It will include global collabration and open source library of findings.

GDT establishes partnership with Foundation Biologics to form a new entity  called UnifiBio
A life scieces research lab developing biologic products for wellnes, disease mitigation and cosmeceuticals.

October 2022

GeminiDT starts the development of the Human Anatomy Projects' Platform as a service to start human anatomy projects studies. The technology is the fundamantal techology to uncover aspects of the human body enabling new science to be developed in early detection and cures.
The Human AnatomyProject  News article

August 2022

GeminiDT annouces MetaverseDT

A cross platform, (mixed reality included), multi user, 3D digital twin collaboration and analytics software would allow for surgical teams access to extremely detailed, highly accurate interactive 3D models for pre surgical planning up to and including overlaying the digital twin onto the real world patient. 

July 2022
Announcing the MCDE - Medical Condition Discovery Engine.   ( M C D E )

Four Accelerated use cases
1. Urgent Care, Acute vs. Prolonged
2. Cancer Biopsies
3. Treatment Assessments
4. Contrast Replacement

Resellers program client
Venture group Turkey for MCDE reseller

June 2022
Rand Corporation for Population health Phase Two. Ideation on early stage disease detection, Digital Twin applications, Meteverse security intactivity and policy formation for ditigatal twin Privacy.

Program start for Reality show Road to Formula E - how to leverage global motorsports to reach out to underserved populations.

Joint Venture Stem Cell Las vegas
Developing stem cell manufacturer program for studies to cure early stage detected anomolies.

May 2022 

Three case studies demonstrate actual early detection of cancer. 

GeminiDT Medical Condition Discovery Engine (MCDE) enables doctors to precisely locate, identify and measure areas of interest at the earliest stage. 

Study One: MD Anderson - Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Study Two: UCSF Neurology – Brain cancer progressive study and early detection 

Study Three: John Muir Oncology – Early Prostate detection early stage

System engagements
Japan IT Solutions Group – Engineering and licensing MOU for possible inclusion into its suite of offerings.
Carelan innovation project for smart EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and clinical workflow. 

April 2022 

Strategic Partner Engagements
 US Japan Business Council: Business alliance between Japan and US technology centers and innovators.

March 2022
Human Anatomy Project – system build PAAS (Platform as a service for open studies) and contract phase one start

GDT Digital Twin platform complete ready for embedding. 

January 2022
Two stealth engagements. Announcement this spring 

  • Medical Insurance embedded system MCDE 
  • Embedded Telehealth

December 2021 

  • Stem Cell Joint Venture 

April 2021
GeminiDT is proud to announce our engagement with The Rand corporation.  RAND is dedicated to exploring how new technologies and digital innovations can help improve health and well-being.
We will engage in a multiyear development, R&D, and Ideation for policies and engagement across population sectors.

February 10, 2021

Gemini DT has signed a strategic partnership with The Human Anatomy Project
They will use the GDT engine to power their research program cataloging the human anatomy.

This is a groundbreaking new technology offering for critical medical decision making and a new tool for the Radiologist and medical industry.

CoronaVirus early detection in the brain is now possible 

Sept 2020
Studies show that Coronavirus affects the brain as well as other diseases.

How the Coronavirus Attacks the Brain
GeminiDT protocols can help identify these anomalies in the early stage for the study and development of therapies.  CT scans of the brain s may be taken progressively with contrast agents.
Covid-19 Update June 2020 

 GeminiDT announces 
 We can through non-invasive CT (no contrast materials) compile into spatial data, show the progression of the effects of Covid 19 in the lungs that Xray cannot detect.

Example: Patient sampling 

Scan patient now, compared to subsequent scans later series  Those may be taken since no contrast agent is administered. 

  The subsequent datasets can now be compared to many patients in a study. To understand effects, progression, and mitigation. Run comparative effects study see the effectiveness of therapies or progressions of the disease that is now fully quantifiable. 



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