PHD...Precision Health Dynamics 

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Precision Health Dynamics
A new era in digital twin technologies.


Precision Health Dynamics .. PHD
The Human Performance solutions group, a new subsidiary of GeminiDT, will harness the integration of a precise volumetric data medical digital twin with  a medical condition discovery engine, multi-modal scan inputs, biomechanical motion capture, epigenetics and biologics, holds tremendous potential for revolutionizing personalized training and performance optimization for athletes.

Overall, this innovative approach represents a new frontier in athletic performance optimization, where precision training and health management are guided by a comprehensive understanding of genetics, biomechanics, and medical insights.
Manage training regimes in harnessing energy and force that is optimally tailored to the individual athlete. Mitigate over training and increase performance.

These are fundamentals for human longevity and precision health  with open source studies through the Human Anatomy Project. 
Supporting humanitarian population health optimization for all. 
First offering will be Professional Golf, Soccer, Equine and Motorsports.

Interested early strategic partners, investors and adopters feel free to reach out.